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Feeding Your Beardie

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This book covers the Frilled Dragon as well - and that are some interesting lizards! Bartlett, Patricia P. Bartlett My comments: This books brings up the basics of caring for a Bearded Dragon. And also a lot of useful information.

Bearded Dragon Care Guide

Lizards of the World by Chris Mattison and Christopher Mattison My comments: A very interesting book if you are interested in lizards in general - and not only Bearded Dragons. Very handy, with great pictures. One of my favorites! It covers everything you want to know about the Green Iguana. I bought this book because one day I will get one for myself.

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet

Photos - my dragons. Babies, info, pics etc. About all of us. Book tips. In memory of Hexxen.

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Links to other pages. They will most like try to fight and could end up injuring each other. Find a well ventilated, 40 gal L or larger glass terrarium. Make sure to include a basking area close to the heat source. Typically, a basking spot lamp will create a temperature of around degrees Fahrenheit. Also add a wood or rock hiding place in the cool area of their home.

4 things to know about your bearded dragon

Area around the basking lamp will be hotter, so keep a thermometer at each end of the tank to ensure a cool and hot zone are being maintained. This will help your bearded dragon process calcium. On the floor of the tank, for younger bearded dragons use newspaper or reptile carpet. For adults, use calcium sand, and be sure to clean out waste weekly and change bedding at least once a month. Your bearded dragon wants and needs variety in their diet. Between fruits, vegetables, and insects, a healthy balance will ensure a happy bearded dragon.

How to care for a bearded dragon

You can even mist your bearded dragon, for this is how they obtain water in the wild! In terms of insects, Bearded Dragons eat live insects like crickets, mealworms, or waxworms.

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