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Really nice seeing as how there's usually stiff competition for skill-ups from customers. Comment by harzzaa This is really imba. Or it was. I shattered 30 shards and got like 9 stacks of greater cosmic and about 7stacks of dust. Now gives infinite dust more often The previous post was deleted, because my math was wrong. I did a new testing, this time with Abyss Crystals. I received a total of; Infinite dust Greater cosmic essence Of shatters, i received dust 31 times. This means that you will get Infinite dust And of course, you will get Greater cosmic essence the rest of the time. The lowest amount of Infinite dust i received from one shatter was, 7 - the highest 19 I would like to note, there is ALOT of times you will only get dust's The lowest amount of Greater cosmic essence i received from one shatter was, 2 - The highest 6 Also, remember RNG.

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This was my testing, don't take it too serious. You must find out how many shatters turned into dust and how many turned into Essence before you do the math ;. Comment by tshumard Actually, no. His math is fine. That is the approximate value of 1 Shatter; had he broken it down by infinite dust or essence that would be the approximate value given you get dust or essence, not a blind value.

Comment by thelazypeon This is probably the greatest thing they have done a long time. Shards are very easy to come by with the introduction of ToC. You can farm normal mode and come out with a lot of shards in no time. This really helps casual players or people trying to get the higher end enchants because of the ridiculous dust prices.

Comment by Sedaine I can't seem to find this available on my server from any trainers. Did this go live on all servers? Comment by Erethzium Apparently, it's currently only live on EU servers. GG Blizz. EU servers do maint on Wed, and the hotfix was applied then. Likely, US servers will either reboot tonight, or sometime in the near future.

Comment by Lobo2me So far from shatters on wow-eu profession forums we have dusts and essences.

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Average return per shatter seems to be going towards 2 essences and 3 dusts, which your numbers are close to aswell. Comment by ultradark it gone live on US servers before EU. So Tuesday October, 6th. It is already live on the EU servers because their maintenance has already happened. So don't fret if you're looking at the enchanting trainer and he has nothing new for you like I did. Quote from Blizzard Poster: "A new enchanting recipe was recently hotfixed to become available.

This recipe is available through enchanting trainers. The reason why you may not currently be seeing this recipe is that it requires the server to be restarted to become active. We expect this to be live on all US realms no later than next Tuesday, October 6, as that is when the next scheduled maintenance is set to occur. Comment by Corten89 is it bugged for me or did they take it out? Comment by Stickfa Currently live on US servers. Comment by hellomynameis This is probably the greatest thing they have done a long time. Comment by Trustyduck This is great for everybody, enchanter and non-enchanter alike.

The prices for essences and dusts will plummet, and we finally have a use for all of those unwanted crystals. Comment by Veratix I'd just like to thank blizzard for destroying my source of income. The Alchemy guide is a reference resource in-game that can be found next to the Adventurer's Guide. Throughout the game, pages are found, detailing recipes that can be made. A standard page looks like this:. This Book serves as a recipe reference for hobbyist alchemists and adventurers looking to get their hands dirty.

Every seed type has a potion counterpart, and the potion you create may relate to one of the seeds used.

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Using multiple of the same type of seed will increase the chance for this to occur. If a Scroll of Transmutation is used on a potion, it will transform into its respective exotic potion, and vice versa.

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However, exotic potions cannot be converted back into their regular variants via alchemy. The field will paralyze and damage whoever is in it, so be careful! The field travels through water, so pairing it with a second Storm Clouds can cause it to have tremendous range. When drank, acts like a normal healing potion, but also restores a bit of hunger. It can be thrown upon other mobs to heal them, and if thrown on a Bee, turns it into an ally. Important: you still cannot switch places with pacified bees, and will instead attack it. Pacified bees will not follow you to successive floors.

You will find the items in a chest right next to the stairs leading up in the next floor divisible by 5. Missing the Lloyd's Beacon's zap effect? No longer! Great to combo with Lightning , Shocking , and Frost. You can jump down a chasm without taking fall penalties. There's actually no time limit to the duration of this spell; each spell correlates to one alchemy window.

Closing the window consumes the spell regardless of how many recipes you made. In addition to upgrading an item as normal, it will never erase an enchantment on a weapon or a glyph on armor. The Magical Infusion we all know and love, this spell enchants an item in addition to upgrading it. If an enchantment already exists, said enchantment will not be removed by this spell. Not to be confused with Scroll of Enchantment. Do not use on Scrolls of Upgrade or Potions of Strength ; you'll be very disappointed.

The selected item is cursed. This can be useful in a few niche ways, allowing a player to obtain a high-level cursed wand that can be zapped many times or get a few desirable curses on an armor or weapon. Using them many times in succession can allow the user to effectively keep rolling for their desired curse.

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Stuck photo on a shattered glass | Guam Wedding Photography

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