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In Peaceful Switzerland, Trouble at a Historic Meadow

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Urs Widmer, a spokesman for Mr. He said that Mr. Switzerland prides itself on being a country with four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansch. Most people speak German or French as a first language — many speak both — and nearly all children take English classes in school.

Conny Karlsson Lundgren

Traditionally, federal officials who primarily speak either German or French have been expected to understand, but not necessarily to speak, both languages. Parmelin has also been criticized for his weak German skills.

In meetings people often speak French and German in the same discussion, depending on which one they feel more comfortable with. But Mr.


English-German translation for "Daniel"

Language skills became an issue this fall for another politician, Hans Wicki of the liberal party FDP. Campaigning for a seat on the federal council, he was asked about his command of French and attempted to answer in that language.

The Federal Assembly elected Ms. Keller-Sutter, an interpreter and FDP member, to the post.

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Reacting to the appointment of Mr. Parmelin, the newspaper 24 Heures asked other politicians how important a grasp of English was, and whether Mr. Making companies directly liable for the content of their users forces these businesses to make billions of legal decisions about the legality of content. Most companies are neither equipped nor capable of implementing the automatic content filtering mechanisms this requires, which are expensive and prone to error.

Context sentences for "Daniel"

Article 11 is creating a completely new intellectual property right for press publishers. The experience with similar laws in Germany and Spain raises serious doubts about the expected benefits, while the negative impact would be very real. An additional layer of exclusive rights would make it harder to clear the necessary legal hurdles to start new projects.

It will make entrepreneurs more hesitant to just launch new projects.

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Europe would lose any chance to play a significant role on the world stage. Startups that build services based on aggregated online information would go out of business, and every company that publishes press summaries of their appearance in the media would be in violation of this law. Although the purpose of these regulations is to limit the powers of big US Internet companies like Google or Facebook, the proposed legislation would end up having the opposite effect.

Article 13 requires filtering of massive amounts of data, requiring technology only the Internet giants have the resources to build.

Daniel - German translation - sucytuxobecy.tk English-German dictionary

European companies will be thus forced to hand over their data to them, jeopardizing the independence of the European tech industry as well as the privacy of our users. European companies like ours will be hindered in their ability to compete or will have to abandon certain markets completely. Given all of these issues it is noteworthy that the final trilogue agreement lacks meaningful safeguards for small and medium enterprises.

The broad scope of this law would most likely lead to less new companies being founded in Europe and existing companies moving their headquarters out of Europe. For all those reasons we urge every pro-Startup politician to vote against Article 11 and Article KG, Germany Schallert.

KG, Germany Since publication earlier this week, nearly companies have added their signature. Want to show the support of your company, too? We will add them to a list below.