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The German expression for dance of death is Totentanz, meaning a dance of the dead, not of personified Death. The so-called "dance" is not a dance at all but a motif that found expression in prose and poetry, in painting and sculpture, in music, in sermon, and on the stage.

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Some writers have developed the theory that it arose from the succession of terrible plagues and disasters that struck Europe in the 14th century, the most devastating being the Black Death — Others consider it a derivation. There is still another possibility that the dance was an elaboration of superstition and folklore about ghostly dancing in graveyards or the dance of preternatural creatures luring men to their doom. This cannot be demonstrated in exact citations, but there are intimations of it in the many accounts of visits to the underworld Vergil, Dante, and a host of lesser writers.

Thus there are at least four possible concepts perhaps many more that account for the appearance and widespread popularity of the dance of death in the 15th century.

Dance of death | art motif |

The "dance" is a representation of a horrible corpse leading a living man by the hand, the corpse being the man as he will be after death. The portrayal whether in art or in literature was therefore a pictorial exhortation that could have religious, moral, or satirical import and sometimes had all three at once. It was also an attempt to teach at least the equality of all men before the leveling hand of death. In attenuated form it persisted into the 18th century in the phrase and its representations "Et in Arcadia ego," and indeed the motif has not entirely disappeared.

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From that date to , ten more authentic editions were published. Later copies and imitations have been estimated at more than In these pictures Death confronts pope, emperor, cardinal, empress, duke, abbot, judge, senator, preacher, nun, old woman, physician, astrologer, merchant, rich man, seaman, knight, countess, peddler, plowman, child, drunkard, fool, beggar, bride, and many others. Here is found the culmination of the genre: all classes of society are equal in the presence of the Grim Reaper. Bibliography: j.

Dance of Death

Freiburg — 38 unnumbered insert p. Just before his death, Karloff agreed to appear in footage for four Mexican cheapies that were practically thrown together Karloff actually filmed his scenes in Los Angeles. If they had mixed the footage instead of matched it, the flicks couldn't be any worse.

This one concerns a lunatic toy-maker whose toys kill and maim his heirs. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright The Columbia University Press.

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Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. The inescapable prison of "Waiting for Godot" is turned into a Chicago street corner that two men can't escape except through death. The author of "Jerusalem" borrows effectively from Friel, Steinbeck, Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Riverdance in his look back at a Northern Ireland that even Margaret Thatcher would applaud. How this play will perform in Ireland, if it ever gets there, is anyone's guess.

Death, Dance of

Demons lurk upstairs, as well as in the basement, where an emotionally unstable man has taken up unexpected residence in his sister's house. This thriller gets scary long before you even realize it's a thriller.

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Young girls and one boy in a dance competition grow up but never leave their adolescence behind in this poignant comedy. There's nothing trivial about being 13 years old.

In fact, there's nothing worse. Taking up temporary residence in a Queens, N. Coping with rage after her husband's dumps her for a much younger woman, a middle-aged woman finds little comfort from a father who's about to marry a much, much younger man. Arguably the most underrated new play of the year.

A foundling in the 18th century teaches us much about unbridled capitalism.

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