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Plus why we crave sugar in the first place.

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This guide will show you how to kick carb and sugar cravings for good. Foods in yellow may be great for some people and terrible for others, depending on factors like genetics and gut sensitivity. Occasional treats also get classed in the yellow zone. Some days you may be perfectly in the green. Other days you may eat a couple things from the red zone. Change exists on a spectrum. And as far as guilt, keep in mind that sugar is like a drug — it lights up the reward and craving centers in your brain [1], and you fall into withdrawal when you start to cut it from your diet [2].

1. The Problem: Cravings

Be patient with yourself. Carbs in general not just sugar cause a glucose spike and crash that leaves you with cravings a short while later. High-quality fat, on the other hand, will give you steady energy and keep you full for hours, which makes it much easier to avoid sugar. Your body will adapt to a high-fat, low-carb, anti-inflammatory diet over a couple weeks, at which point your carb cravings will virtually disappear. Not sure what to cook? Reach for your top-shelf favorites. Hit with a craving?

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Throw a grass-fed ribeye on the grill, drown it in butter, and roast up some Brussels sprouts on the side. Hungry a few hours later? The first taste, or even just the thought of giving into your craving, raises dopamine levels in your brain, providing you great pleasure with every sip. Although your brain can be a challenge to your willpower, there can be foods in your diet that trigger your longing for sugary foods. One dietary culprit is low protein intake. The result? Your body craves quick energy from sugar.

Break Your Sugar Addiction in 10 Days

Simple carbohydrates enter the bloodstream fast, raising blood sugar, then subsequently raise the hormone insulin. Once your system learns to fuel itself without carbs, the craving dissipates. Artificial sweeteners were invented to take the place of sugar for a lower-calorie option, but research suggests you will experience the same cravings, or even eat more food and total calories, when consuming this alternative, ultimately leaving you feeling guilty either way. Your sleep habits might be causing food cravings too.

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How To Beat Sugar Cravings | HuffPost Australia

Research has shown that even one night of poor sleep can decrease the upper brain function of the cerebrum — the part of the brain responsible for complex judgments and decisions — resulting in next-day junk food cravings. Your internal clock plays a significant role in managing the hormones ghrelin and leptin, which promote and suppress food intake. Chronic abnormal sleep or sleep deprivation can be severely detrimental to your waistline when you give into those cravings. Stress affects your cortisol levels , a hormone that when elevated will alter your circulating levels of glucose and insulin.

Stress affects hunger and cravings in people differently , but your body will quickly use its energy stores while in overdrive. Depression or a bad mood can mentally and physically affect cravings too. Sugar consumption increases serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, appetite, memory, and social behavior.

Because sugar boosts serotonin, you feel happier, temporarily, so your brain craves this happy chemical again and again. Mineral deficiencies might be another reason for your sweet tooth. We used to think that if your body is craving a particular food or taste, then you must be deficient in it. An iron deficiency will zap your energy, leaving you feeling fatigued and weak, and it can also be a reason for your cravings; i.

Calcium, zinc, chromium, and magnesium imbalances can manifest themselves as sugar cravings too. These crucial minerals help maintain hydration status, which can erroneously make you crave sugar when you might just be thirsty. Together, these minerals are involved in hundreds of processes in your body, from carbohydrate metabolism to producing and regulating the hormones and enzymes that control the way you think, move, and feel. In order to understand when and why you experience sugar cravings, Tuck recommends tracking what you eat, as well as your mood and energy levels, and being mindful of these patterns.

When you are tired or stressed? For those wanting to lose weight or compensate for a sugary binge, skipping meals can be a tempting idea. However, this can have the opposite effect.

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This will promote hunger, and more likely for carbohydrate or sugary foods," Clark said. Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Learn more. All Sections. Politics U. Tech Science Space Blueprint. Consume foods high in magnesium, chromium and zinc "Increase nutrient-dense foods, including magnesium-rich green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds and dark chocolate, and chromium found in whole grains, broccoli, green beans, bran and orange juice," Tuck said. Eat macro-nutrient balanced snacks and meals For each meal of the day, aim for a balance of macro-nutrients.

4 Simple Tricks To Stop Sugar Cravings

Add spices to your meals and snacks To help avoid sugar crashes and cravings, add spices like cinnamon to your meals and snacks. Manage stress levels "High stress and cortisol levels can also lead to sugar cravings," Tuck said. Swap sugary junk food for naturally-sweetened alternatives Instead of store-bought sugary food, make your own banana-sweetened muffins or loaf, colourful fruit salad, or homemade ice cream by blending frozen bananas with a splash of milk.

Add extra healthy fats to your meals If you find you're still craving sugar after eating macro-nutrient balanced meals, Clark suggests to try adding extra healthy fats to your meals.