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    7. This was originally an Alcantarine Franciscan monastery that was later assigned to the Conceptionist nuns. It depicts the Virgin Mary , surrounded by angels and crowned with the circle of stars. The lilies and the rose are references to hortus conclusus "enclosed garden" , and symbolize Mary's love, virginity and purity. The painting is now in the Prado Museum , Madrid. Baroque art was meant to evoke emotion and passion instead of the calm rationality that had been prized during the Renaissance [ citation needed ].

      Tiepolo's works, many of which are on an imposing scale, are also characterized by tension, exuberance, hedonism and intricate designs. Tiepolo's altarpieces were transferred to the adjoining convent soon after they were installed in the church. The imposing Baroque style of the painting is meant to evoke emotion.

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      It was completed between and The depiction of the Virgin Mary is done according to traditional Christian iconography, and represents her Immaculate Conception , free from original sin. Standard iconographic elements include the dove above her, the stars around her head, her position on the crescent moon with a snake crushed under her feet, her hands held together in prayer, and the obelisk on her right.

      Additional iconography which accords to this theme include clouds, cherubs , lilies and a pink rose, flowers which are often associated with Mary. The dove above her head symbolizes the Holy Ghost , while the rose and the lilies are her customary symbols, lilies representing her purity, while the rose is the symbol for Mary, Queen of heaven and earth. The globe symbolizing the whole world, the crescent moon and the starry crown above her head are traditional symbols of the "woman clothed with the sun" Virgo in Sole described in Revelations The crescent moon itself is an ancient symbol of chastity deriving from the Roman goddess Diana.

      Just as the moon derives its light from the sun, so Mary's special grace derives from the merits of Christ, her Son. The obelisk to her right also shimmers in the light of the sun and references traditional symbols of the Immaculate Conception associated with the Tower of David and the Ivory Tower , evoking impregnability, virginity and purity. A palm branch, and a mirror are seen under her feet. The palm branch signifies Mary's victory and exaltation, the mirror her purity. Originating in Spain with Francisco Pacheco , the popularity of this particular representation of The Immaculate Conception spread across Europe.

      The painting is now in Vicenza's civic museum at the Palazzo Chiericati. Tiepolo painted a set of five modelli for his altarpieces. These are now all at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London and are considered amongst his finest work. The modello for the Immaculate Conception differs from the final version in several respects.

      In the final version the figure of Mary occupies more space and lacks the muscular supporting angel on her left. That angel is thought to be a representation of the archangel Michael whose slaying of Lucifer prefigured Mary's role as an instrument of salvation. The angel is present in an oil sketch executed around the same time, now in the National Gallery of Ireland , considered iconographically the most complex of Tiepolo's depictions of the Immaculate Conception.

      Note the triangular halo signifying the Trinity.