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  4. Episode 62 - Racing With The Moon (1984)

Henry begins romancing new-to-town Caddie Winger, believing her to be wealthy.

Mischievious and irresponsible, Nicky gets into trouble which forces the other two to become involved, testing their relationship, as well as the friendship between the boys. Alain Bernheim John Kohn. Jacqueline Cambas Nicholas James. David L. Snyder Jeannine Oppewall. Jaffe-Lansing Paramount. Goddang it! What a sweet little film. Never saw this coming of age tale of two friends with a few weeks to go before they're shipped off to WW2. It's nice to see a sensitive side from sourpuss Sean Penn.

Vaughn Monroe – Racing With the Moon – Slušaj na Deezer-u

Also nice to see a young Nicholas Cage with his undeniable star power charm at the beginning of his career. All the cast is good, the script by Steve Kloves is a thoughtful beautiful one and the direction by Richard Benjamin is just right. Moving, funny and never goes overboard with melodrama. It's on Hulu, just laying there.

Missing lyrics by Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra?

You can feel their mix of apprehension and excitement at heading overseas. The film is well shot, which helps make up for the subpar screenplay, but this pales in comparison to others like it.

Each have protagonists with obsessive puppy love for someone who's not what they seem. Racing With The Moon settles into the traditional "boy meets rich girl who turns out to be poor" love story that has been told so many times - from Some Kind Of Wonderful to Cocktail's "poor girl to rich" role reversal. However, it's depicted so….

Review by Aaron T.

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Really solid early Cage flick. It's mostly Sean Penn's show, but Cage is great here, the energy from his early flicks reigned in quite a bit, but still with room for fun outbursts like in the pool scene.

There are shades of a 70s aesthetic here with some gorgeous magic hour-looking shots and just in general the film looking pretty great. It really manages to evoke the 40s setting very well, and just tells a simple story about two young guys getting ready to grow up and ship out. Definitely a pleasant surprise in completing Cage. Racing with the Moon had potential. It was squandered however.

Episode 62 - Racing With The Moon (1984)

It has some good bits, some good acting, and some really good Cage moments. However overall I would say the film has a really weak story. I'm tired.

Listen up! Twitter: WeGaugeCagePod. February 25, Season 1 Episode We Gauge Cage. Episode 62 - Racing With The Moon Rewind Speed Forward. Info Share.


Feb 25, Season 1 Episode Spoiler Alert: Not a ton of racing. No moon. You do the math! Share Episode. Get Podcast.