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  1. 12 Ways to Overcome Small Business Failure and Thrive
  2. The Dirty Secret Most People Ignore
  3. How to bounce back from a business failure

Entrepreneurs all strive for success, but many lose sight of the reasons why. Failure reconnects you to your goals. The emotions you associate with your failure are clear-cut indicators of what you really want from your business. Failures force us to re-evaluate our goals and ask ourselves the question:. Understanding these desires will allow you to refocus. Failure is a valuable stepping-stone to success.

Each business decision you make has multiple possible outcomes and dozens different paths to take. Every mistake you make allows you to cross-off one of these paths; eliminating a wrong choice taking a step closer towards the right choice.

12 Ways to Overcome Small Business Failure and Thrive

One myth that can sure paralyze you during a failure is believing that success is overnight. Remember: you can fail a thousand times.

You only need to succeed once. Please share your tips in the comment box below. Yoon Cannon helps entrepreneurs overcome your biggest obstacles, so you can create a thriving business and life you love! Grab her free 1-Page Strategic Plan Template here. In order to be a successful business person, the purpose of your business, should be your number one priority. Know your primary reason for starting up your business and focus on it.

Many companies have crumbled due to the fact that they have taken off their eyes on the reason why they started their business, while some have made it less of their priority.

OUR 3 BIGGEST ONLINE BUSINESS FAILURES (so you can learn from them)

The power of branding is one of the things most entrepreneurs and companies do underestimate. The absence of branding has caused most companies to experience limitation and failure. The only thing that can separate you and your competitor is your brand. It will be wise for you not to underestimate the importance of a business name, persona and identity. Try to tweak and improve your brand and make sure your customers are aware of it.

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You can make use of the social media to ease your work. A little negligence can actually bring down your business. You can save your business by putting these four tips in to continuous practice.

The Dirty Secret Most People Ignore

Journalist and Content Writer Makonjo Media. I love travelling and am open to new experience. Achieving success therefore becomes critical to maintaining our self-worth, and failure becomes a major stressor on our mental well-being. Classifying our experiences as failures also feeds our cognitive biases. The brain is hard-wired to protect us , and thus remembers our failures more than successes. This focus on past mistakes can inhibit reasoning when exploring new possibilities, causing us to seek out information that matches our negative bias.

This feeds a vicious cycle that leads to poorer results in the future. For most issues, there are dozens of ways to solve a problem and millions of ways to fail—not much is gained by eliminating one specific option out of a vast pool of possibilities.

How to bounce back from a business failure

Further, both failures and many successes are deeply contextual: They are tied to personal circumstances, time, and space, as well as a myriad of other factors. Therefore it is rather futile to generalize high-level insights from failures. In the specific case of startup failure, this notion is compounded by the importance of timing. When and if you do fail, you ought to apply rigor in your analysis in order to gain actionable insights, not just turn the story into a pop-culture event. Look to identify and analyze patterns which will serve you in the future rather than just doing a post-mortem of a singular event.

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